HDMI Sound Issues

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There seems to be a great many questions relating to HDMI sound not working, or doesn't work in this and that application. I know this because I've had my own fair share of problems and have decided to start this post to help others, and hopefully consolidate some of this information.Ideally I would like others share there own solutions and then this could become a reference of 'known fixes'. Asking questions here is probably pointless as I'm not that familiar to using Linux and this is about the extent of my knowledge so far. As I find new problems and their solution I will add them here, and it would be good if others can add their own fixes to specific HDMI audio problems.

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Le contenu de votre site semble intéressant mais, votre présentation sur le site semble assez vide... Disons que l'idée est bonne sauf que vos liens internes semblent rompus ou incomplets.
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